Oh No…I Love My Friends Way More Than Is Normal.

Victoria explains why, with the help of Dolly Alderton’s newsletter, she loves her friends way too much. Continue reading Oh No…I Love My Friends Way More Than Is Normal.


Don’t Grow Up…It’s A Trap.

Growing up, we’re constantly faced with questions we’d rather not answer; at fifteen, it’s “have you decided what GCSEs to take?”. At seventeen, it’s “so which university are you going to?”. At 21, it’s “how comes you’re single/why are you still living at home/have you not worked out what you want to do for a living yet?”. At 30, it’s “when are you going to … Continue reading Don’t Grow Up…It’s A Trap.


“I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22!” sung Taylor Swift; nobody sings about being 25 because it sucks. At 22, you’re still carefree, closer to 20 than 30, have little responsibility, and it is still socially acceptable to eat a diet that mainly consists of Dominos, McDonald’s and KFC. My aging metabolism doesn’t allow me such perks; it does, however, grant me the … Continue reading 25