Oh No…Nicky, You’re Wrong.

An anonymous open letter to Nicky Morgan, Secretary of State for Education, on why she needs to look a little more closely before she preaches about what children SHOULD be doing. Continue reading Oh No…Nicky, You’re Wrong.


Oh No…“You’re So Much More Than A Number”

Scrolling through my Instagram feed, I came across New look’s latest post; it was a beautiful photo of the columnist, model and blogger, Callie Thorpe.  She was showing off her stunning outfit from the newly revamped New Look ‘Curve’ range.  I was genuinely so excited, as I’ve never seen a plus size model featured on such a popular retailer’s Instagram. I felt a burst of excitement, like I … Continue reading Oh No…“You’re So Much More Than A Number”

Christmas Is

  Creamy brie and cranberry sauce, toasted in walnut bread, hazelnut lattes, gingerbread men and Cadbury’s hot chocolate before bed. Warm woolly mittens, thick knitted scarves thermal socks and pretty black tights Fluffy earmuffs, cosy leather gloves and heated blankets during the night A baby robin dancing on the garden gate A cold breath of morning air Frosty dew stuck on the grass in the morning … Continue reading Christmas Is

Working 9-5, IT IS A Way To Make A Living.

At what point in your life is it okay to want more? To crave more than 5am starts and 9pm finishes, contact lenses that hurt by the end of the day and the same boring meal deal for lunch every day? Don’t get me wrong – a chicken salad sandwich from the local supermarket can solve a lot of things (hunger, for example) but it’s … Continue reading Working 9-5, IT IS A Way To Make A Living.