Oh No…My Job Doesn’t Make A Difference.

Hannah writes about why it’s important to deserve to go to bed each night, happy with what you’ve done each day. Continue reading Oh No…My Job Doesn’t Make A Difference.


Oh No…I’m Turning Into My Mother

Let me get something straight: I love my mum. Really, I do.  I mean, as a teenager, her over-sized, horrendous-patterned cardigans and her pixie cut haircut were awful at the time. But now I find myself stealing those cardigans and wishing she’d cut her shoulder length hair back into her Twiggy-esque cut. It makes me laugh that she uploads a new picture of our dog … Continue reading Oh No…I’m Turning Into My Mother

Kisses To The Absentees

   Usually the catchphrase for confident Kylie Jenner wannabes, towards their adversaries, is “kisses to my haters”.  However, I’d like to direct this idiom and dedicate this tirade to my absent – from social media – friends in the form of: “Kisses to the absentees”. I’ve been on social media for a while and my experiences haven’t been so favourable. I pass the time clinging … Continue reading Kisses To The Absentees

Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

Women wank. Shocking, I know, but we do; we have yearnings and desires and fantasies which we are sometimes overcome with and the need to get ours, to be satisfied immediately, and yeah sometimes the only way in which to achieve this magical feeling is to do it our damn selves. No judgement. Here’s the thing: men masturbating is normal. It’s expected. Boys get to … Continue reading Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

“You Sit On A Throne of Lies”

Somehow I feel guilty already; I am writing this perfectly factual post about how I found out Santa doesn’t exist and yet I am really struggling because I worry that by writing this I am shattering some kids’ dreams. Having said that, if a primary school kid is reading this here blog, they’ve probably had a lot of truth bombs and adult themes bombard them … Continue reading “You Sit On A Throne of Lies”

12 Signs You’re a Teacher at Christmas

1.You walk into Tiger to buy some stationary and walk out with Christmas stickers, pegs, candles, advent calendars and fake snow. 2. Instead of the latest chart topper, you are now word perfect on any song included in your Christmas carol concert. 3. Design Technology projects take a back seat to practice said songs, especially:”The Twelve Days of Christmas” . WHY have my class been … Continue reading 12 Signs You’re a Teacher at Christmas