Oh No…What Does Happiness Mean To You?

On an almost regular basis, my inbox gets a lovely little surprise in the form of ‘The Dolly Mail’; the unashamedly brilliant Dolly Alderton’s newsletter, which covers everything from fashion, food, frolics and friendship.  This week, ‘The Dolly Mail’ covered happiness. In all of its glory. Dolly wrote what was essentially a love letter to all of the tiny little things that make her happy. … Continue reading Oh No…What Does Happiness Mean To You?

Oh No…It’s Girl Lost in The City

  Ask anybody who uses Twitter who their top ten favourite writers/creatives on the site are and I can guarantee that Emma Gannon’s name will pop up. Emma is the former social media editor at GLAMOUR and The Debrief, a Twitter extraordinaire and her weekly newsletter has been featured in magazines alongside Lena Dunham’s newsletter (who she is basically BFF’s with). Am I allowed to … Continue reading Oh No…It’s Girl Lost in The City

This Isn’t Your Usual Love Letter

She lies next to me as I write this. Her large black eyes closed, her stomach moving deeply up and down. I am overwhelmed with calmness, which is an antithesis of a feeling, but it is true; that is the most accurate way to describe how she makes me feel, even if she is currently snoring incredibly loudly.  When I am away, I miss that … Continue reading This Isn’t Your Usual Love Letter

2016: The Year Of More.

Every year, the same Facebook warriors take to our news feeds and write the generic status’ of how “*insert new year* is going to be THE year”, that they’re going to delete everybody who hadn’t made an effort with them in the previous year and well, quite frankly, you’re lucky to have made it; I mean, who knows how you’d cope without their updates regarding their kids … Continue reading 2016: The Year Of More.

My London Adventure: The Desperation of a Post-Uni Job Search

All names in the post have been changed for obvious reasons. When I started my degree in the Arts, I was under no illusion as to how narrow I had made my career prospects. Three years and one BA (Hons) degree later, I still didn’t regret my choice. I loved every moment of my subject and I loved my university life. Now was the fun … Continue reading My London Adventure: The Desperation of a Post-Uni Job Search

Vive Le France

   The events that took place on 13.11.15 are forever going to be etched in the memories of those alive right now. History was made and not for positive reasons.  Gunmen attacked a crowded concert hall, The Bataclan in Paris, killing 80 innocent people. As well as the events that took place at the Bataclan, innocent people were also gunned down in bars and restaurants, totally … Continue reading Vive Le France