Oh No…How To Handle The Festival Comedown.

Heading back to reality after spending four/five days losing your actual head in a field, listening to some of the greatest live music around and *hopefully* sharing these moments with a handful of your nearest and dearest is ALWAYS going to be hard. Despite the smells you’ll be emitting after 96 hours without running water/shower gel/shampoo, the state of your feet after the amount of … Continue reading Oh No…How To Handle The Festival Comedown.

Boomtown: What To Expect

As festival season starts, seasoned festival go-ers are packing their rucksacks and heading to their Mecca’s. Many people have their favourites, choosing Glastonbury – after spending a lifetime trying to get a ticket -, Isle of Wight – family friendly AND great music – or Boomtown – basically the greatest place on Earth – knowing full well what to expect.  Besides the obvious perks (music, … Continue reading Boomtown: What To Expect

“If You’re Going to Throw Your Life Away, He Better Have a Motorcycle”

Guys, an exciting event is coming soon; a long-overdue, highly anticipated and actually rather panic-inducing reunion of sorts. This is something that will change our lives in the best way possible, but also has the power to destroy our childhood and teenage hopes and dreams in just ninety minutes. I am talking, of course, about the recently (finally) announced Gilmore Girls revival. Netflix – that … Continue reading “If You’re Going to Throw Your Life Away, He Better Have a Motorcycle”

Why Are We SO Obsessed With Celebrities?

Like many others out there, although perhaps not as intense as the girl above, I will happily admit my obsession with celebrities. I’m hooked. Addicted. In L-O-V-E. Infatuated. with certain celebrities. I don’t mean in the way that some people are; sending Tweets to anybody who has been on TV, fawning over the ‘stars’ of Geordie Shore and even resorting to self-harm because a member … Continue reading Why Are We SO Obsessed With Celebrities?

An Ode to Leonardo DiCaprio

Is it an obsession or an admiration? A bit of both, I’d say. Whenever someone asks me “why are you so obsessed with him?”, I struggle to give a straightforward response, purely because there are so many possible replies that spring to mind. Leonardo DiCaprio, ladies and gentleman. One of the finest actors of his generation. I had the privilege of meeting him once…(I’m lying…) The Hollywood … Continue reading An Ode to Leonardo DiCaprio