Oh No…How To Handle The Festival Comedown.

Heading back to reality after spending four/five days losing your actual head in a field, listening to some of the greatest live music around and *hopefully* sharing these moments with a handful of your nearest and dearest is ALWAYS going to be hard.

Despite the smells you’ll be emitting after 96 hours without running water/shower gel/shampoo, the state of your feet after the amount of walking you’ll have to do and the extreme tiredness you’ll feel after smashing out an unhealthy amount of partying, there’s always an air of sadness that fills the festival as it draws to a close.

Maybe it’s because people genuinely don’t want to return back to ‘normal life’ or maybe it’s because they’ve spent all of their money/lost all of their belongings/broken up with their partner after they kissed somebody else in their camp site after one too many rums and Madness playing ‘Must Be Love’. Regardless of the reason, I’ve never seen a more sorrier state than a festival once the festival has gone home.

Rubbish litters almost everywhere you step, most people have given up on getting out of the car park before madness ensues and the smells coming from the toilets are possibly the most horrendous smells you’ll ever smell. But for the past four days, everything would have been a lovely little bubble of live music, rums at 10am and caking on as much glitter/UV paint onto your face and body as you can fit.

There’s highs and lows to a festival but the lowest is definitely returning home; having just got back from Boomtown Fair, I thought I’d share with you my five top tips on how to beat the festival blues:

  1. Book at least three days off of work after getting back home.
    Seriously, you can thank me later for this one. If it’s not bad enough trying to get home after the festival, trying to get yourself out of bed and into work the morning after is a real punch to the face. You’ll need at least 72 hours to have a little cry, wash away the sadness (and the smells), appreciate your bed, vegetables and your shower and really reflect on how much of a great time you had.
    You wouldn’t wear the same pair of pants four days in a row – at least I hope you wouldn’t! – so please, please, please: cut the wristband off before you get into the shower. Store it away, that’s fine, but keeping it wrapped around your wrist for more time than necessary isn’t going to make dealing with reality any easier. In actual fact, that wristband is probably harboring so many nasty things, you’ll probably make yourself poorly. Cut it off, put it in a safe place and stare longingly at the only part of your arm which didn’t tan.
  3. Eat all of the vitamins.
    The chances are, you’ve just spent four days eating greasy burgers, oily chips and Pot Noodles, washed down with cider, beer and any other alcohol you could get your dirty hands on. As soon as you’re back, chow down on leafy greens, fresh veggies, homecooked meals and anything full of colour. Accompany it with orange juice and lots of water and you’ll be feeling ready to tackle your next festival in no time.
  4. DON’T bore people.
    Shockingly, some crazy people on this Earth couldn’t give a fuck about which festival you’ve just got back from, who you saw live or how ‘mental’ it may have been. I’m not sure why you’d be mates with people like this, but somebody has to be. However, when you do come across people who appreciate a festival as much as you do, make sure to change the topic every so often. Hit them with your highlights, show them a couple of photos, tell them the story about how drunk you got and the really funny thing you did, but make sure you leave a little to the imagination. I know it feels as though life is never going to be the same and you really want every single person to experience the greatness that you just did, but bear in mind that they may not have been able to afford a ticket/get time off work/attend. Why don’t you upload ALL of your photos onto social media, write a blog and then tag all of your mates in it so they know your adventure is there should they wish to read about it/look at it? They probably won’t, but at least you’ve given them the option.
  5. Plan the next one.
    What better way to banish the festival comedown than by getting out your already battered credit card and booking the next festival on it? Usually most festivals release pre-sale tickets a couple of days or so after the madness has ended, so by that point, you’ll be over the initial shock of coming back to reality but ready to embrace your next four day stint in a field. Remember, no matter how bad it may have felt on the way home, getting to stand in a field, usually sunburnt, holding an alcoholic beverage of some kind, lovingly strangling your best mate’s neck whilst watching one of your favourite bands truly is magic. It’s the closest I’ve ever come to paradise, despite how rough I feel the next day, and if I could bottle it, I would. Plan your life around your next festival and you’ll never spend a day sad again…until the credit card bill hits, but chances are you’ll be at a festival when that pops through your letter box.

Speaking of booking that next festival, I’ve already accepted my fate that I’ll be spending four days at Boomtown on an annual basis, and you should join me:



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