Oh No…A Love Letter To Boomtown Fair

Dear Boomtown Fair,

This may come across as extremely keen – after all, it’s only been a week since I last saw you – but I can’t seem to get you off my mind.

Since April, you’ve consumed my mind; frantically checking your official social media pages, obsessively talking about you to my friends, spending my time counting down the days until I finally got to see your greatness and your glory. Until I finally got to see the madness that I had heard so much about for myself.

My expectations were high, from what I had heard from your previous lovers; expect the unexpected, nothing would be too weird and be prepared to lose my mind several times a day. Boy, was I given the best advice.

You’re powerful, consuming and addictive. Despite the length of you, you were never too much. Despite the size of you, there was no pain – only pleasure (although the huge hill between Chinatown and Mayfair was an absolute killer, but thanks to that, my legs now have definition). Despite the madness of another 60,000 people enjoying you at the same time as myself, you never once made me feel alone.

Everywhere I looked, you made people happy; there was no judgement, no malice, no hatred, no stress about work, money, politics, no arguments or heated words. You held this amazing ability to put rose tinted glasses on every single person in you, providing them with a view covered in nothing but huge pink love hearts and chubby Cupid’s aiming their arrows.

From Trenchtown to the Rave Yard, Sector Six to The Lion’s Den, Town Centre to Psy Forest, I couldn’t get enough of you. I would have walked around you for miles, soaking in the atmosphere and the excitement you sent rushing through each person’s body. Hearts raced, pulses ran, sweat dripped from every part of the body. From Thursday night to Monday morning, you had everybody eating out of the palm of your hand.

Each day spent in you brought something new, something exciting. An incredible band, a secret party in one of your hidden corners, a surprise performance; for 96 hours, you didn’t once stop giving.

By Friday, I was aware that I had fully let you into my body; nothing would ever be the same, no place would ever match up to you and nobody – except those sharing these moments with me – would ever understand. You had created a bond between strangers, watched as friendships blossomed and helped to strengthen relationships.

On Saturday, I was ready to fully immerse myself into everything you were giving; fairground rides, music acts people had travelled far and wide to see, forests decorated as beaches, trance music, naked bodies, hugs from strangers, tiny rooms covered in UV paint, performance acts, laying on the wet grass and watching the stars, surrounded by lovely people. Tents had collapsed by this point, body odour and cramped areas meant that the smell was far from pleasant, money was running out. But none of that mattered because we had you, Boomtown. We had all of you.

You were finishing up by Sunday, a shell of what you once were on Thursday. Instead of strong and dominating, you became calm and relaxed, allowing everybody to meander through you, no cares in the world. This wasn’t a competition to see who could push on for the longest, this was a commitment.

As reggae music played against the sun setting, groups of people huddled closer as they realised the end was in sight. The people who had queued to get into you on Thursday were no longer present; no, everybody had changed. Everything had changed.

You see, nothing would ever be the same after 96 hours in you. I will never be the same.

Thank you for the best four days of my tiny existence. Thank you for letting me share great memories and moments with best friends and strangers. Thank you for providing a platform for people to see clearly, consumed only by love for each other, the music and you.

You shattered every single part of me, taking away my misconceptions and delusions and pre-empted thoughts.You put me back together again using a concoction of some of the best music I have ever heard, the sweetest cocktails I’ve ever tasted, the strongest sunshine and the loudest laughter.

Until next year, Boomtown, which cannot come soon enough, I will be counting down the days until I’m in you once again.

You. Were. Amazing.


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