As many writers/poets/authors/people in the creative industry generally do, I have a problem with the word ‘nice’.  ‘Nice’ can be a compliment, of course, but for me, it’s more of an insult. It’s a safe word, a go to when you’ve had a fairly average time, if something has been just alright. It doesn’t scream passion, positivity or power. It lies down and lets you … Continue reading N I C E

Oh No…What Does Happiness Mean To You?

On an almost regular basis, my inbox gets a lovely little surprise in the form of ‘The Dolly Mail’; the unashamedly brilliant Dolly Alderton’s newsletter, which covers everything from fashion, food, frolics and friendship.  This week, ‘The Dolly Mail’ covered happiness. In all of its glory. Dolly wrote what was essentially a love letter to all of the tiny little things that make her happy. … Continue reading Oh No…What Does Happiness Mean To You?

Oh No…How To Handle The Festival Comedown.

Heading back to reality after spending four/five days losing your actual head in a field, listening to some of the greatest live music around and *hopefully* sharing these moments with a handful of your nearest and dearest is ALWAYS going to be hard. Despite the smells you’ll be emitting after 96 hours without running water/shower gel/shampoo, the state of your feet after the amount of … Continue reading Oh No…How To Handle The Festival Comedown.

Boomtown: What To Expect

As festival season starts, seasoned festival go-ers are packing their rucksacks and heading to their Mecca’s. Many people have their favourites, choosing Glastonbury – after spending a lifetime trying to get a ticket -, Isle of Wight – family friendly AND great music – or Boomtown – basically the greatest place on Earth – knowing full well what to expect.  Besides the obvious perks (music, … Continue reading Boomtown: What To Expect